Dec 01, 2022
Analicia Swanson
Protecting Our Food Supply

Analicia Swanson is a Sales Management Trainee with Seaboard Foods in Merriam,Kansas. During her time at South Dakota State University, she served as a Virtual Farm Tour Guide for the National Pork Board Speakers Bureau program, where she showed audiences across the country what truly goes on inside of aworking pigs barn. Analicia is also Pork Quality Assurance certified through the National Pork Board.

She earned her Master of Science in Swine Nutrition from South Dakota State University. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Kansas State University.

Ms. Swanson serves as a Pork Industry volunteer and speaks nationwide. She grew up in rural Minnesota, and that’s where her passion for agriculture and pigs really began.

Today, she lives in Maple Hill, Kansas, and thoroughly enjoys having conversations with consumers from all backgrounds about where their food comes from.