For the past four years many Rotary clubs in our District have partnered with other metro Rotarians to provide more than 16,000 books for the six-county area of Head Start programs. Thousands of KC area children have profited from the Head Start experience. There will be an additional two thousand children entering the program this year so many more books will be needed.


This autumn project will have a projected end date of early December at the UMKC basketball game when all the Rotary Clubs that participated will be honored at half-time. We’ll provide more details soon. We appreciate the UMKC athletic department’s support for all these years and their help to push us forward again this year.

Once again, the Rotary Club of Johnson County will be coordinating the collection and delivery of books to the Head Start Centers so that all areas of the metro are covered. Promoting literacy is a primary focus of Rotary’s efforts so we are proud to lead this project and grateful to you for contributing!

Please pass this information on to your club members. Thanks for your invaluable support of this worthy project!. Please let us know if your club plans to participate in Books-for-Kids in the coming year. Contact either of our co-chairs named below with your club’s desire to be included and/or to request further information.

CHAIR: Larry Williams  

CO-CHAIR: Gina McCoy